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While we are unsure how this pandemic will affect us locally,
A-C Air Care plans to continue the hygiene practices normally associated with our line of work. Our business has always valued the wellness of all employees and of our customers. We are taking proper health care precautions, anyone showing symptoms of communicable illnesses will seek medical attention as needed and will take the time to recover at home to avoid the spread of disease.
Respecting our customers and their homes have provided us the opportunity to serve Our area residents. We are committed to continuing this by monitoring guidelines issued by the CDC, EPA and other governing agencies dedicated to protecting our health and abiding by the protective measures set forth for the general public.
At this time, we are focusing on staying healthy because the demand and need for clean drinking water, hot water for bathing, proper drainage, climate control, and indoor air quality doesn’t go away. We are available to do our part in ensuring our customer’s needs are met during any circumstances.
• Our Team Members will not shake your hand and will always try and remain a recommended safe distance at all times
• Each Team Member will wear protective Gloves as well as fresh boot covers when entering your home
• We have each Team Member report a health check daily advising of their own health, and those in their home / local communities.
• We clean all equipment that we use and all surfaces that we touch in your home
• Our staff has been advised to keep the minimum safe distance from others
• We will ask if you have recently traveled to a location where the virus is prevalent, or if you’ve been in contact with anyone who may have been infected. If either of those has occurred, we may delay service until you’ve been cleared by your doctor as symptom-free. Likewise, we will not send a technician to your home that is known to be sick or has traveled to a highly prevalent area.

Jaime Mendoza