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3 Causes of Furnace Water Leaks & How to Fix It

If you live in a cold climate, you will probably need a furnace to heat your home. And sometimes, it may cause problems. If there is water leakage in your furnace, coming up with a quick solution should be your priority. Our team provides you with the best furnace repair and replacement services in Columbia.

What Causes Furnace Water Leaks?

Various factors cause water to leak from the furnaces. It depends on the type of furnace. Here are some common reasons that cause a water leak in furnaces.

  • Condensation leaks

Most of the time, the reason behind the water leakage from your furnace could be condensation. It is one of the common reasons behind water leakage, especially in high-efficiency furnaces.

Nowadays, two heat exchangers are involved in the furnaces due to their high-efficiency rating. This is why a condensation leak occurs in your furnace, hence, causing a floor drain. Broken or clogged pipes can also lead to water leakage in the furnace.

Mostly, the condensation leak occurs in high-efficiency furnaces. Such problems cause a huge repair cost. Hence, you must contact a well-experienced technician immediately after seeing water around your furnace. We provide the best furnace services in Columbia and the surrounding regions.

  • Crash in the Functioning of Secondary Heat Exchanger

If the reason behind water leakage in the furnace is not condensation, it may be a faulty secondary heat exchanger. High-efficiency furnaces have a primary and a secondary heat exchanger.

Usually, the combustion exhaust exits the primary heat exchanger and moves the secondary heat exchanger. At this point, the flue gas releases more heat. As a result, water vapors are formed. This process releases latent heat in the secondary heat exchanger and increases the furnace’s efficiency.

These secondary heat exchangers are made up of steel or coated with steel material that can endure excess heat, acid, and moisture generated in the furnace. If condensation occurs in the heat exchanger, it may cause a water leak.

Even if it is a rare issue, experts advise that ignoring it may not be appropriate and yet costly. So, contact us immediately for furnace repair in Columbia.

  • Damaged Humidifier

If none of the above are the culprit, damages to the humidifier may cause water leakage. Nowadays, most houses have a humidifier attached to their furnace. Both of these help add moisture to the air and provide many other benefits. However, water leakage in the whole system can cause damage to the walls and floors of the house.

If your furnace has been associated with a water leakage or a damaged humidifier, you need to make sure to call an HVAC technician. If it is ignored, it will worsen the condition.

How to Fix it?

For fixing the water leakage in your furnace, you need to call an HVAC technician. Our team has well-trained and experienced HVAC technicians for gas and electric furnaces. You can contact us if you need any furnace services in Columbia, MD.

Along with furnace services, we also offer air conditioning services. Visit our website or contact us at AC Air Care to get more information.



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